Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery is an aesthetic procedure dedicated to improve the appearance of the vagina and restore functionality. Recovers the vitality of the intimate parts.

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Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery in Spain

Surgery of the female genitalia is becoming more and more popular among women. Labiaplasty or nymphoplasty, hymenoplasty or vaginoplasty are the most frequently requested interventions.

In most cases. the majority of these are merely aesthetic. But sometime there can be a medical or reparative reason for a serious health problem or discomfort during sexual activity, sports, after several childbirths or when wearing tight clothing.

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    Treatment characteristics

    Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery a series of treatments focused on improving the appearance (and in some cases correct the functionality) of the genital area.

    The following are some of the procedures:

    Mons Pubis Liposuction: eliminating excess fat that may accumulate in the pubic area.

    Vaginal Rejuvenation: narrowing the vaginal canal to improve muscle tone and elasticity of the vagina.

    Labiaplasty: enhancing the labia majora or reducing the length of the labia minora.

    Clitoriplasty: reducing the size of the clitoris.

    Hymenoplasty:  reconstructing the hymen to give the sensation of renewed virginity.

    Pubic Hair Graft: restoring pubic hair growth by using micrografts

    The majority of these procedures are performed under local anaesthesia (although sometimes may require sedation), do not require a hospital stay of more than a few hours or one night and usually require between one (1) – two (2) hours (this depends, for example, on the specific procedure and the nature of the problem).

    The result of the procedure is the correction of the problem that prompted you to undergo the treatment.

    For a total recovery, you will only need to stay in Spain for one or two weeks in order to attend at least one check-up or between 3 or 4 to be fully recovered.

    Relevant information


    • All these procedures will boost your self-esteem and allow you to fully enjoy your sexuality.

    Treatment itinerary

    Before treatment

    • You will have a free video consultation assessment so that you don’t have to move from home to choose the best option. In case you need more than one previous consultation, you do not have to worry as they will be included in the price of the procedure.

    • If you take medication of any kind not related to the surgery, do not forget to take with you the necessary amount for your stay in Spain, as well as the medical prescription that will allow you to travel with it without problems.

    During treatment

    • Once you are in Spain, you will have to make an appointment with your specialist. During this visit, the doctor will open your medical record (for which you will be asked to provide all your medical documentation), perform a physical examination and tell you if any further tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis.
    • If it is not necessary and everything is confirmed, your doctor will tell you when you must go to the preoperative study and will confirm the time of admission for the day of your surgery.
    • If the surgeon has told you to stop taking any medication a few days before the surgery, such as anticoagulants, please do not forget to follow the exact instructions given by the doctor or you will not be able to have the operation!.

    After treatment

    • You should consider a series of recommendations such as taking antibiotics to avoid infection or pain relievers. Also, for a couple of days you will be wearing a dressing (which you can cover with a scarf, cap or hat).
    • In less than a week, you could be back to your normal life, but don’t forget to follow your doctor’s instructions exactly.
    • Remember that your recovery time will vary depending on your age, your physical condition, your lifestyle habits and your attitude!


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