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Urology in Spain is the most appropriate medical-surgical option for the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies affecting the urinary system, the adrenal glands and the retroperitoneum of both sexes and the male reproductive system. Access to the most advanced treatments with minimally invasive robotic surgery.

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All the hospitals within our network have a Urology Unit. This centers on both the male and female urinary tract as well as the male reproductive system.

Urology in Spain stands out for its many technological advances, most notably, in minimally invasive surgical techniques and robotics. In any operation required for the male reproductive system, the use of technology and robotic surgery is far safer than traditional surgery as it enables a greater degree of precision, especially when in the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon.

We will provide you with an expert team of urologists, to ensure that you are in the best hands. Your medical team will be using the latest medical advances, from diagnostic tests to surgical procedures.

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Some of the available treatments


Urinary incontinence

Extracorporeal lithotripsy

Urethral prolapse


Vasectomy reconversion

Benign prostatic hypoplasia

Complete urological functionality

Urology treatments in Spain


Surgery performed to remove excess fluid between the walls of the scrotum, can occur in both children and adults.

Laser photovaporization

Surgery performed by laser to reduce the size of the enlarged prostate in patients with benign prostatic hypoplasia.


Surgery that consists of the removal of a testicle (and the spermatic cord and/or the other testicle depending on the severity of the pathology).

Complete urological functionality study

Including urethral profile (urodynamics: flowmetry and cystomanometry, urological ultrasound); Consisting of a series of tests to rule out any dysfunction or to diagnose an existing pathology and be able to treat it.

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