Frequent Questions

We solve all your doubts about knowing us more in-depth.
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We work to ensure your safety.

We have implemented hygienic, technical and organisational safety measures, social distancing and monitoring and access to hospitals to ensure that your stay and recovery in Spain are carried out in the best possible conditions and without the possibility of infection. 

Our protocol includes a 100% safe itinerary for you:

  • Transport: We will assign you a driver from the moment you land at the airport so that you can travel safely during your medical procedure in Spain.
    The vehicle has all the necessary cleaning, disinfection and ventilation protocols and the driver has an individual protection kit with masks, gloves and surface disinfectant gel so that you can travel with confidence.
  • Hotel: We guarantee that the facilities you stay in during your stay in Spain follow the hygiene and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Disinfectant gel and other certified products are available in different sections of the building.
    Mask-wearing is compulsory for all workers and guests within the hotel.
  • Hospital: The medical centres we work with guarantee access control and have excellent security measures in their facilities to preserve your safety and that of their medical staff.
    All medical staff undergo regular PCR tests to prevent the spread of the virus within the hospitals.

Yes, the airspace is open in Spain and you can fly from anywhere in Europe. We are currently receiving patients for treatment. We do, of course, have extraordinary health security measures which must be complied with to ensure that your time in Spain may be spent safely and in good health.

We are the first virtual hospital. This is due to the fact that we have agreements with a network of more than 100 hospitals in Spain. We refer your medical request to the most qualified doctor and centre that can provide you with the most suitable solution for your medical needs.

We are doctors. We have a comprehensive Spanish Healthcare experience of more than 30 years.

Lower Prices. You will get cheaper prices in comparison with going straight to a hospital. Because of our partnership with the hospitals, we can provide you with a lower rate than going directly to them.

First Class Doctors. We choose the most qualified doctor for your medical treatment and procedure.

Non-medical services. Non-medical services such as translation, transportation and assistance during the treatment will be available to you. You will feel at home.

Personalized Treatment. One of our Health Managers will manage your case independently. Exclusively for you.

Independent Body. We are an independent group – we do not belong to any hospital group so we don´t have the same financial interests as a hospital.

Immediacy. No waiting lists, you will have a unique and immediate treatment.

We can manage a medical intervention instantaneously.

Within the team, we have the Medical Management Department. It is formed by doctors with more than 30 years of experience in both public and private health sectors in Spain. They are the people who manage your medical treatments in a fully transparent way.

You will have the approximate cost of your treatment in 48 hours. We have a team of specialists in the company who will evaluate your case and provide an estimate of the cost of your medical treatment in Spain.

Time is not a problem. We adapt to the pace of each patient. We have managed cases in which the patients have traveled on the same day as when the medical requests were submitted. Others have preferred to adapt to their holidays. 

The choice is yours. We find the best solution for you.

Within the European Community, if you are part of the Schengen Agreement, your identity card from the corresponding country is sufficient.

If you come from a country in Africa, Asia or the Middle East, you need a visa to enter the country.

For tourists from the USA, Canada and some Asian countries, you can enter without a visa for 3 months.

You don´t have to worry about any medical issues. Before travelling, you will have your entire medical treatment organized in Spain. You will also have the support of VidasPrime to deal with issues that you may need to resolve. During your stay in Spain, you will have a 24-hour telephone support in your language to help you with any translation or medical needs.

Hospital Network. You may not know the hospital network and possibilities in Spain as well as we do.

Preferred Options. Aside from your medical preferences, we can also help and guide you choose the city, accommodation, hospital, doctor, etc.

Available Specialists. We will provide you with the most qualified doctors that best fit your medical needs. Contacting a doctor directly can be very complicated and we can contact them directly by phone without intermediaries in the safest way possible.

Outsider’s Perspective. Surely you have a different idea of the Spanish reality in your head. In a completely transparent way, we will help you feel like a Spaniard and can count on the advantages of the Spanish Healthcare and society.

We negotiate directly with the hospitals to have a rate that meets your expectations. Thanks to having strategic agreements and moving a high number of patients, we get lower prices than if a patient calls directly to the hospital. In addition, you should know that in most cases we have special prices to help those patients who want to come to Spain for medical treatment.

For most medical procedures, an advance deposit is needed before landing in Spain. This will be used to schedule an appointment with the doctor, hospital and operating room if necessary. Some medical procedures, due to their complexity require 100% payment in advance due to the costs and medical equipment involved. If this price is then lower at the end of the treatment, 100% of the price difference is refunded.

Spain is among the top 20 safest countries in the world. You can move around with absolute freedom in each of its corners without any problem. Safety is one of the most valued satisfaction levels for foreigners.

Additionally, Spain is the second country in the world with the most number of tourists. This implies an excellent quality of infrastructure and services. The accommodation network stands out for its low cost and excellent service.

The good climate, the gastronomy, the social life, the conviviality, the establishments, the education or the integration of migrants are ingredients that make Spain a unique country.

We cannot answer a question about a medical procedure. The clinics and doctors selected for a medical treatment meet the highest standards of quality and success, but we cannot guarantee the expected results for each and every patient who comes to Spain. The medical responsibility lies with the doctor and the clinic where the medical procedure is performed.

It will depend on the final procedure performed by the specialist according to the result of the diagnosis. This means that you can increase or decrease the price depending on what the doctor considers appropriate. However, you will not have any hidden charges. We make certain that we review the budget and final invoice so that you have total security.

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