Clinics in Alicante

The most demanded destination among international patients. Access to the city is comfortable by plane, since Alicante airport is only a few minutes away. The city of Benidorm also has a microclimate on the ‘Costa Blanca’ with a very pleasant average temperature throughout the year.

The Alicante and Benidorm area is at the forefront of healthcare, since many large Hospital Groups have opened hospitals and clinics to provide first-rate service in view of the high demand from international patients who decide to go to this area of ​​Spain.

Nowadays choosing to go to Benidorm or Alicante is an ideal option due to the preparation of these hospitals for the arrival of patients from outside Spain. Decide to go to one of the symbols of the Mediterranean.



Alicante consolidates its position as an
international tourist destination



More than 83 million tourists visit
Spain every year

Why is Alicante a beneficial destination to receive medical treatment?

  • Warm and pleasant climate all year round

The temperatures in this area are always warm 365 days a year.

  • Mediterranean gastronomy

Rich in fresh fish and seafood, along with the most famous rice dishes such as the ‘Paella Valenciana’.

  • Best beaches in the Mediterranean

The beaches in the area have the highest quality standards on a European level. The fine sand, the temperature of the sea and its crystalline waters stand out.

Alicante is more accessible than you think


20 MIN.


40 MIN.


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40 MIN.

Clinics in Alicante

  • Hospital quality

Spanish leaders have hospitals in this area. First-rate facilities in both diagnosis and medical treatment.

  • Health and wellness

There is a high level of specialisation in complex surgical procedures, such as oncological, neurological or trauma procedures.

  • Specialisation

Internationally renowned doctors have moved to these cities due to the high demand for hyper specialized treatments.

Alicante as a health destination

  • Tranquility for couples and families

You can access all kinds of leisure day and night, but these cities will include for the possibilities of resting by the sea. Benidorm has fine sandy beaches of more than 3km in length.

  • Affordable prices

Quality of life and price ratio, it is the most economical area in Spain to stay and spend a few days relaxing by the sea.

  • Prepared for tourism

Benidorm and Alicante are cities that live off tourism, whichever you choose, it will be a sure hit. The friendliness of its people, who are always at the service of those who visit the city ensures a lovely experience all round.

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