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Specialist in pelvic floor physiotherapy and chronic pain, with 20 years’ experience. Among many other training courses he studied the official master of study and treatment of pain at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid for which he has been a Doctor of Physiotherapy (PhD) since 2017. Specialist and trainer in functional ultrasound in abdominal and perineal dysfunctions.

Dr. Meldaña has had excellent medical
training and specialized in pelvic floor.

Professional Experience

2007 – Present

Director of PELVICUS Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Unit, Urology Service

San Rafael Hospital

2007 – Present

Physiotherapist specialized in uogineproctology and pain

San Rafael Urological Group SLP

2015 – Present

Director of pelvic floor physiotherapy and gynecology unit

Montepríncipe University Hospital

2005 – Present

Postgraduate University Professor

University of Málaga, Europea, Alcalá de Henares, Castilla la Mancha. Travell & Simons Seminars.

Academic Background


Diploma in Physiotherapy

European University


PhD in Physiotherapy King

Juan Carlos University

Dr. Antonio Meldaña
and specialization


Chronic pain

Pelvic floor



Awards and Accreditations

Speaker in different national and international congresses, honorary prize

SEFFIP (Spanish Society of Physiotherapy in Pelviperineology)

3rd prize for the best paper in the international congress

RUSI (Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging)


Doctoral thesis on functional ultrasound
in the anal elevator muscle in
primiparous women, author of several
book chapters and different

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