Childbirth in Spain

Childbirth in Spain is one of the favorite destinations for mothers because of the excellent hospitals prepared for childbirth and the wonderful climate of Spain. Find out more about the most popular clinics.

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Childbirth and postpartum in Spain

The moment of birth will be the first time you will meet your little one in person. It is sure to be one of the most magical experiences of your life.

Let us help you throughout this entire process and take away many of your worries. With our support you will never feel alone and will only need to think about yourself and your baby.

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    Treatment characteristics

    When giving birth in Spain you have access to the best labor support and can choose which form of labor would best suit you and your baby. You can decide between natural unassisted childbirth, a water birth, assisted childbirth and cesarean surgery (c-section).

    Our multidisciplinary team would accompany you throughout the entire process however, if this is not possible, then you must be here before the 32nd week, as from that moment on you may not be allowed to travel.

    VidasPrime will provide you with the best gynecologists in Spain. Depending on the hospital you want to go to, we will look for the option that best fits your personal situation and criteria.

    If you decide to give birth in Spain, you can choose the type of birth as long as the clinical situation of the pregnancy allows it. Priority will always be given to what the mother wants.

    You and your baby should stay in Spain until the 2nd month, as that is when you will both be able to fly.

    In most cities in Spain, you will find a lower price for giving birth than in other European countries. Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga are some of the favorite destinations for our patients.

    No. Even if your child is born in Spain, he or she does not have the right to Spanish nationality. It is only possible if the father or mother has Spanish nationality.

    Relevant information

    Benefits of waterbirth:

    • Being able to float will give you greater mobility.
    • It favours muscle relaxation helping to reduce pain and, sometimes, shortening the duration of labour.

    Benefits of assisted childbirth:

    • Reduction of pain.
    • Continuous fetal and maternal monitoring.

    Treatment itinerary

    Before treatment

    • Check that you have prepared all the personal documentation (credit card, cash, passport, Identity Card…), medical (reports, prescriptions, images…) and travel (confirmation of accommodation booking, travel tickets…)​.
    • If you take medication of any kind not related to the surgery, do not forget to take with you the necessary amount for your stay in Spain, as well as the medical prescription that will allow you to travel with it without problems.​

    During treatment

    • Once you are in Spain, you will have to make an appointment with your specialist. During this visit, the doctor will open your medical record (for which you will be asked to provide all your medical documentation), perform a physical examination and tell you if any further tests are needed.
    • If they are not necessary and everything is confirmed, they will tell you when you must go to the preoperative study and will confirm your due date. Unless, for the safety of both mother and baby, the doctor prescribes a scheduled C-section or induced birth on a certain day.
    • If your surgeon has instructed you to stop taking any medications a few days before delivery, such as blood thinners, please do not forget. The same goes for fasting or any other recommendation the doctor may give you.
    • When it’s time for the delivery, you don’t have to worry since a person who speaks your language will be at your disposal to translate everything you need.

    After treatment

    • Keep in mind that for about two months you will have something like a period; you will have losses that will vary in quantity and color until it is gone. Shower daily and keep your genital area clean and dry. Do not use tampons, creams or ointments. We recommend that you leave your nipples exposed after breastfeeding your little one to help soothe any irritation caused by the suction.
    • During this period it is important that you do pelvic floor rehabilitation and hypopressive exercises to help strengthen your muscles and prevent any potential problems. You will need to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to start your routine.
    • Keep in mind that your successful recovery also depends on you!


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