This is one of the main reasons to visit the urologist. If you lead a sedentary life, have an unbalanced and non-Mediterranean diet, you may increase the chances of having kidney stones at some point. 
If you suffer from kidney stones and do not expel them through your urine, we advise you to ask for a free evaluation with our Doctor. We will help you find the best solution immediately. There are procedures to treat the formation of kidney stones.

Treatment characteristics

What are kidney stones?
Kidney stones are solid formations that appear after the crystallization of certain minerals that are in the urine. 
The most common symptoms are urinary infections, blood in urine and pain when urinating.
What treatments are available for the removal kidney stones?
The treatment for kidney stones depends on the size of the stones and their composition.
Smaller stones usually pass spontaneously in urine, but larger stones may require specific treatment.
Extracorporeal lithotripsy or percutaneous nephrolithotomy are two of the most commonly used treatments for kidney stone removal.
How is the treatment performed?
Extracorporeal lithotripsy consists of using shock waves to fragment existing stones into smaller stones to facilitate their expulsion when urinating.
This is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require any type of anaesthesia and lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.
This procedure does not require hospitalisation and you will be able to leave within an hour or two after the treatment.
Percutaneous nephrolithotomy is a procedure that is usually performed under general anesthesia and usually takes between 2 to 4 hours. The doctor will ask you to lie face down on the table and, once you are asleep, he will make an incision where he will insert a probe through which he will pass the apparatus needed to fragment and extract the stones. 
After the operation, you will be taken to the ward where you will spend the night. The surgeon will leave a drain in your kidney in order for it to finish cleaning, this will be removed before you are discharged.
What is the result of the treatment?
Most patients who undergo this treatment have had their symptoms completely eliminated.
What recovery time do I need in Spain?
In the case of extracorporeal lithotripsy, no more than 5 or 6 days will be necessary. After a nephrolithotomy, you will have to remain in Spain for at least 15 to 20 days to be able to undergo a check-up.

Treatment itinerary

Before treatment

  • Check that you have prepared all the personal documentation (credit card, cash, passport, Identity Card…), medical (reports, prescriptions, images…) and travel (confirmation of accommodation booking, travel tickets…)​
  • If you take medication of any kind not related to the surgery, do not forget to take with you the necessary amount for your stay in Spain, as well as the medical prescription that will allow you to travel with it without problems.​

During treatment

  • Once you are in Spain, you will have to make an appointment with your specialist. During this visit, the doctor will open your medical record (for which you will be asked to provide all your medical documentation), perform a physical examination and tell you if any further tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis.​
  • If it is not necessary and everything is confirmed, your doctor will tell you when you must go to the preoperative study and will confirm the time of admission for the day of your surgery.​
  • If the surgeon has told you to stop taking any medication a few days before the surgery, such as anticoagulants, please do not forget to follow the exact instructions given by the doctor or you will not be able to have the operation!​

After treatment

  • After your discharge from the hospital, you must avoid physical exertion for one week. Remember that your recovery time will vary depending on your age, your physical condition, your lifestyle habits and your attitude
  • Remember that your recovery time will vary depending on your age, your physical condition, your lifestyle habits and your attitude.
  • Keep in mind that your successful recovery also depends on you!

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