Blepharoplasty surgery corrects your eyelids and eye bags. It removes the skin and rejuvenates the appearance of your face. Excellent results, outpatient surgery.

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Blepharoplasty in Spain

Blepharoplasty is a minimally invasive surgery that is very common in Spain and has great aesthetic results. The price is 30% cheaper than in other European countries such as the United Kingdom or Germany. In addition, it leaves no scars on the skin and recovery is painless.

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    Treatment characteristics

    This procedure is usually performed with sedation (although it can be done under local anaesthesia) and usually requires 60-90 minutes.

    The intervention consists of:

    • Making a small incisions along the natural folds of the eyelids.
    • Removing excess skin and fat.
    •  Checking eye symmetry and suturing.

    After your stay in the observation room, you will be discharged by the surgeon and will be given the necessary guidelines to assist your recovery and after care.

    This procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia and usually requires 2-4 hours.

    The surgery consists of:

    • Making an incision in the lower abdomen.
    • Inserting a liposuctor to remove excess fat (if required)
    • Tightening the abdominal muscles by sutures (if required)
    • Cutting and suturing the excess skin to adjust the new tissue structure.

    After staying in the recovery room, you will be taken to the ward where you will stay for 1-2 days for recovery. Important postoperative guidelines will also be given.

    After the recovery period from a complete blepharoplasty, you will be able to to appreciate the results obtained. You will achieve a rejuvenated look that matches your personality.

    If everything goes well, you can return to your country once the stitches are removed. This takes about seven (7) days. But if you are able to stay in Spain for the entire recovery process, you should remain for about two (2) to three (3) weeks to fully recover.

    Relevant information


    • Removal of excess skin and flaccidity under the eyes, clearing the eyes and correcting the small wrinkles that appear on the eyelids due to this excess skin.
    • Reduction of swelling of the eyelids and the feeling of exhaustion in the eyes.
    • Improved vision in people who have a large amount of excess tissue and muscle malfunction in the upper eyelid.
    • Facial rejuvenation.
    • Improved self-esteem.

    Treatment itinerary

    Before treatment

    • Check that you have prepared all the personal documentation (credit card, cash, passport, Identity Card…), medical (reports, prescriptions, images…) and travel (confirmation of accommodation booking, travel tickets…)​.
    • If you take medication of any kind not related to the surgery, do not forget to take with you the necessary amount for your stay in Spain, as well as the medical prescription that will allow you to travel with it without problems.​

    During treatment

    • Once you are in Spain, you will have to make an appointment with your specialist. During this visit, the doctor will open your medical record (for which you will be asked to provide all your medical documentation), perform a physical examination and tell you if any further tests are needed.
    • If it is not necessary and everything is confirmed, your doctor will tell you when you must go to the preoperative study and will confirm the time of admission for the day of your surgery.
    • If the surgeon has told you to stop taking any medication a few days before the surgery, such as anticoagulants, please do not forget to follow the exact instructions given by the doctor or you will not be able to have the operation!

    • The same goes for any fasting that the doctor indicates, if you do not comply – You will not be able to have the surgery either.

    After treatment

    • After a blepharoplasty, you will have to wear sunglasses, sleep on your back, apply cold compress to reduce inflammation, avoid exertion and sudden movements and you should not wear makeup.
    • You should strictly follow the instructions given by your doctor.
    • Remember that your recovery time will vary depending on your age, your physical condition, your lifestyle habits and your attitude!.
    • Keep in mind that your successful recovery also depends on you!


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