We recommend this treatment to help you get back to normal after suffering a brain injury. In Madrid and Barcelona you will find centres specialised in neuropsychological treatments that focus exclusively on patients with this type of pathology.

We apply models that have been tested and validated by the most reputable healthcare institutions, in order to help the patient recover as much brain function as possible.

Treatment characteristics

Who is this kind of treatment for?

This treatment is indicated for those patients who, after a brain injury, need help to recover capacities that have been reduced or lost.

How is the treatment performed?

Neuropsychological rehabilitation is approached from different points of view, so it requires a multidisciplinary team to study the case, evaluate it and indicate which treatments would be most appropriate for each patient.

Cognitive, mobility and linguistic therapies are provided… depending on the nature of the injury suffered.

What is the result of the treatment?

The procedure aims to fully recover lost function, but if the injury suffered is very serious, treatments are focused on achieving the best recovery possible

What recovery time do I need in Spain?

In such procedures recovery varies with each and every patient, it is a very individualised process. The severity of the injury, the age of the patient and their general state of health all have significant influence on the evolution and improvement of the patient’s condition. You may need to be here for a few months or more but it will be the multidisciplinary team in charge of your case that will give you the guidelines and corresponding time frame.

Relevant information


  • Improve lost capacities
  • Your own involvement influences the outcome


  • Undefined duration – varies case by case

Treatment itinerary

Before treatment

  • Check that you have prepared all the personal documentation (credit card, cash, passport, Identity Card…), medical (reports, prescriptions, images…) and travel (confirmation of accommodation booking, travel tickets…)​
  • If you take medication of any kind not related to the surgery, do not forget to take with you the necessary amount for your stay in Spain, as well as the medical prescription that will allow you to travel with it without problems.​

During treatment

  • Once you are in Spain, you will have to make an appointment with your specialist. During this visit, the doctor will open your medical record (for which you will be asked to provide all your medical documentation), perform a physical examination and provide you with your personalised treatment plan.

After treatment

  • Since this is a long-term procedure, you may be provided with guidelines for continuing the “exercises” at home.

Why Spain?

In Spain you will find surgery with the most advanced technology.

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